What began as a labor of love
is now more than 20 years old

How we started

I have been working with Child Soldiers, Children Accused of Witchcraft and Street Children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for the past 20 years. I worked in the DRC for three years with the United Nations. The 14-year civil war killed many parents and left children in the streets. I have paid for the schooling of over 30 young people in the past 20 years. Seven (7) have graduated from college and have their own business. I am providing 14 young people with housing, food and schooling.

But I just turned 72 and will stop working soon.

I need assistance with future financial responsibilities by receiving donations. A nonprofit can continue sending the children to school and eventually technical school, for them to become productive members of society. The 501(c)3 was created last November 2020, so I need your guidance to make it a success. The website was created and now needs to be populated with information on the lives of my kids. As far as they are concerned, I am their mother.

Kindly contact me.

Haydee Britton

Diego, Pierre and Irel who have been with me since 2001, graduated from college, have their own egg business and are the coordinators of the work of Les Petitis Okapis in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where I spent 3 years with the UN Peace-Keeping Operation at the end of the 14 year civil war that killed many parents and caused children to learn to survive in the streets.

A few of the kids we have in the past two years taken out of the streets to send them to school.

Picture of me with my kids in 2001 when I started sending them to school by buying their uniforms, bookbags, shoes and paying tuition.

Four recent college graduates.

How we spend our money.


$77 feeds 23 children for one day.

$500 sends one child to school for a year.

$50 pays for medical treatment for one child for a year.


We take the children off the street and provide them with safe communal lodging.


We enroll the children in public school and pay for books and uniforms.


We make certain the children receive two nutritious meals a day.


We provide vocational assistance and help our older kids start their own business.

Who we are

Changing lives
in so many ways

Helps us feed, clothe and shelter
the neediest children at risk in the DRC.