We take the children off the street and provide them with safe communal lodging.


We enroll the children in public school and pay for books and uniforms.


We make certain the children receive two nutritious meals a day.


We provide vocational assistance and help our older kids start their own business.

About our organization

The okapi is the symbol of our organization. It is also known as the forest giraffe, Congolese giraffe, or zebra giraffe. It is unique to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Okapi International is a non-governmental organization which focuses on rescuing the street children of the DRC. Most of these children are orphans. Some are ex-child soldiers. Some have been accused of witchcraft. Okapis International provides free housing, nutritious meals, and clothing. We send the children to school and make sure they have the necessary school supplies. textbooks and uniforms. As the children age through the program, we provide vocational training to some and offer the opportunity for others to attend college. We also provide a stipend for graduates to start their own entrepreneurial venture. The services have been privately funded for twenty years by our founder. But, we are now expanding our reach to meet the growing need and are actively looking for donors to support our programs.

Our success stories

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We are a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS


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Children we are currently supporting with food and lodging

Helps us feed, clothe and shelter
the neediest children at risk in the DRC.

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